Ruijun Zhao

Professor, Chair of Department of Mathematics and Statistics

    Department of Mathematics and Statistics
    Minnesota State University, Mankato
    273 Wissink Hall
    Mankato, MN 56001
    Office Phone: +1 507-389-2719


Research Interests


Students Advised at MSU

  1. Hope Enright (2023), Environmental Scientist, State of South Dakota
  2. Kevin Bischoff (2023)
  3. Sho Kawakami (2020), currently PhD student at Northwestern University
  4. Dilbar Abdurakhimova (2018), Design Engineer Intern R&AE Crop Care, AGCO Corporation
  5. Hajar Aldhamdi (2017)
  6. Damilola Olabode (2016), Clinical Pharmacometrician at AstraZeneca
  7. Sarah Lanand (2016), Teaching Specialist, University of Minnesota Rochester
  8. Khaled Alzobydi (2015)
  9. Lindsay Stepan (2014), Assistant Director of Math and Sciences, Minnesota State University, Mankato
  10. Nghiep Huynh (2014), Mathematical Statistician, Internal Revenue Service
  11. Jacob Westman (2014), Research Asssociate at UnitedHealth Group
  12. Gregory Dosh (2014), Lead Software Engineering Coach at Target


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