The 2012 Venus Transit
as viewed from Mankato, MN

June 5, 2012 was a fine day in Mankato. The transit began shortly after 5:00 PM and was still in progress when the sun sank into the western clouds about 3 hours later. Most of the time was devoted to providing visitors with telescopic views of the transit through a variety of scopes. Occasionally I managed to mount my camera on my C8 to take a few slides:
(Konica T4 body on Celestron 8 (equatorial mount), with 8" OD-5 filter, 2000mm f/10; ISO 100 Ektachrome color slide film, expired August 2008!)

5:35 PM CDT; 1/500 s

6:25 PM CDT; 1/500 s

6:55 PM CDT; 1/125 s
At this time there was haze that provided about two stops of attenuation and made the sunspots more difficult to see.

7:46 PM CDT; 1/250 s

8:10 PM CDT; 1/125 s
From here on, the clouds became a big factor; by 8:30 PM, the show was over.

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