Life in the Universe:

The Abundance of Extraterrestrial Civilizations

a book by 
Dr. James N. Pierce
Emeritus Professor of Astronomy at
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Available direct from BrownWalker (search 1599424517) or from Amazon (search 1599424517).

This book was written as a text for our AST 115: Life in the Universe course at MSU. This 2-credit general education course is a discussion of the probability of the existence of extraterrestrial life, along with problems involved in detecting and contacting extraterrestrial civilizations. Topics discussed include the formation of galaxies, stars and planets; the nature and origin of life on Earth; the search for life on other planets; the possibility of interstellar space travel; and the probability of extraterrestrials visiting the Earth. The course format is lecture-discussion. Offered each term. No prerequisites. General Education Categories 2 (Critical Thinking) and 3 (Natural Science).

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