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Favorite Quotes from Life in the Universe Essays:

— Well Put —

Every term, each student in my Astronomy 115 course (Life in the Universe) was assigned to write an essay giving his or her opinion on the following question:

"Do extraterrestrial technical civilizations currently exist in our Galaxy?"

This group of quotes involve statements that are particularly well put. (The typos and misspellings are real, but they are not mine.) The material is presented here without comment; you will have to make up your own.

    Essay Quotes: Well Put

  1. My beliefs towards extraterrestrial technical civilizations coexisting in our galaxy are very likely.

  2. I believe after taking this course and waying out both possibilities of extraterrestrial life, I have come to the conclusion that I believe that there is life out there other than our own in the galaxy, wether or not we will ever be in contact with them who know's.

  3. Sure we could be the first but the numbers of planets involved surely an another civilization has come along as well.

  4. If they are not as smart as us home come there has been so many siting in the past 40 years.

  5. I don't believe that all the reported abductions here on Earth are true either. I don't think it is like the movies, I'm not sure what it is like wherever these intelligent being are or where they are and maybe someday we will know or maybe we will never know.

  6. We can assume that extraterrestrial life would need some of the same basic needs we need.

  7. While it seams rather simple, we only have our own system to go by, ours could be wildly irregular and we wouldn't know it because nothing to compare it to. This same problem comes up for many of the other factors, such as exactly how similar the planet must be to Earth to evolve life and from there if there's the question of if that life will always grow into technical civilizations.

  8. The ongoing search to find extraterrestrial life has been going on for decades and still is.

  9. If any of these planets are within the habitable zone of their star, and hold liquid water with solid land there will be life just as our planet does, just as bacteria upon a piece of snow.

  10. Given that there is no knowledge that our solar system makeup is something special it is acceptable to think that another planet in a different solar system in our galaxy could fall into their star's habitable zone and as a result have liquid water which could then lead to life, have so many different stars in the galaxy increases the likely hood of a planet to have an acceptable star and be the correct distance from it.

  11. We ourselves could be considered evidence that there is life in our universe.

  12. This number is almost incomprehensible to understand.

  13. The next reason that I think that there could be other technical civilizations in our galaxy is that are many stars in our galaxy that are close to ours and could allow a planet the time it needs to evolve like our planet did, so that intelligent life could form to produce a technical civilization. It took our planet almost 4 billion years to evolve to what we call present time.

  14. Another reason why extraterrestrials exists but have no evidence of them is because we can not communicate with them because of technical constraints, because their nature is simply too alien for perception of them as intelligent life.

  15. As for now we are too worried about what's happening on our own planet then looking up in the sky and trying to figure out how we can go try to fiugre out if E.T.'s really exist.

  16. It is my job to deceiver what I feel is fact or fiction and come up with a logical and scientific answer of my own.

  17. It is defiantly something to think about and research some more.

  18. This does not change my view on extra terrestrial technical civilizations it just makes me more curious on how they can possibly exist and be unknown or is it that they are just to far advanced for us and have no use for a stone age civilization or is it we are to advanced for them we may never know the true answer but if you ask me if ET exists and I believe he does live somewhere in this vast space that we so meagerly inhabit.

  19. To think that Earth is the only planet to produce life is simply ignorant, but for the possibilities of the life form to be intelligent enough to form a technological civilization, is highly unlikely.

  20. The development of our life on Earth was a long delicate process that depended on a list of variables. Any altercations in this development could have completely changed the appearance, genetic make-up, and the way we humans survive.

  21. If we are lucky enough to live to a point where we can take off into space or survive long enough on this planet to welcome some alien to Earth, then I will gladly say you were right to a positive believer.

  22. Extraterrestrial technical civilizations may exist I highly think they do and the proof is everywhere since we have thousands maybe millions of reports about sightings, the galaxy being so big, and that things can exist outside our world even if we don't know about it or haven't discovered it.

  23. The universe is an unimaginably gigantic, and we are merely a marble within it.

  24. I do not think that extraterrestrial technical civilizations do not exist in our galaxy.

  25. With a star the same size as our Sun it is easy to use the principle of mediocrity to understand how their planet and civilization may have developed if we can find these stars within the Milky Way Galaxy.

  26. Without change, everything would be and stay the same on the planet.

  27. There are millions of encounter reported, and who knows how many have not been reported. With a large number like that, there is room for hoax and real. More importantly for what we can and can't explain. There are too many unknown or unidentified reports to ignore the possibility that we aren't alone.

  28. One may view this question as a relatively simple question, however, this question requires much more in depth thought into what the question is really asking.

  29. Humans evolved quickly most some would say. Some may also claim that the formation of such a complex world as ours could not have formed elsewhere while still maintaining the proper things needed for life such as earth has done for so long.

  30. The people who claimed to have been abducted or to have seen alien crafts in the sky are not very well understood people.

  31. I think that we will someday find out what all these mysterious flying saucers and objects with weird lights is all about. I fear though that people have created these weird objects to cause suspicion of extraterrestrial life.

  32. One can use our solar system as a model to base ones guesses in which case you might say that around every sun-like star there are eight planets, one is earth-like, and earth-like stars develop intelligent life which develop technical civilizations, this would give one a very high number.

  33. Still believing in life else were just not as many and I so naively assumed.

  34. For example things such as radioactive heating promoting differentiation and the cooling of the exterior to form a solid crust allowing the earth to have a stable ground; while more chancier things like the impacts with craters forming our moon, and allowing the oceans to form make me raise my eyebrows of the chances of this happening to another planet in our galaxy.

  35. There are many reasons that extraterrestrial technical civilizations exist or do not exist in our galaxy.

  36. So in conclusion I feel that there are so many different theories that people have come up with. I think that people need to keep an open mind when it comes to making a decision on whether or not aliens exits, because who knows one day they may come and if people don't have an open mind about their existence and a panic will be created and we will not have a clue how to react.

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