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Every term, each student in my Astronomy 115 course (Life in the Universe) was assigned to write an essay giving his or her opinion on the following question:

"Do extraterrestrial technical civilizations currently exist in our Galaxy?"

This group of quotes concerns technical civilizations. (The typos and misspellings are real, but they are not mine.) The material is presented here without comment; you will have to make up your own.

    Essay Quotes: Technical

  1. The only reason I believe there could be extraterrestrial life is that we are the only planet with a technical civilization.

  2. In order for a civilization to be technological it must contain a few different things.

  3. Intelligence is possible with technology.

  4. Even though technology has made great thrives since 1969, we're still limited in our abilities to send people in space.

  5. To be a technical civilization, the terrestrial beings have to be intelligent and have appendages to operate, and also the planet has to have basic platechtonics.

  6. As discussed in class, we decided that it was necessary for a technical civilization to know how to use and manipulate radio waves. In order to do so, they must know how to cultivate various plastics and metals.

  7. Any civilization can be technical, but it all depends on how advanced their technology is.

  8. Earth has all of the necessary resources to develop a technical civilization; it has just taken billions of years to evolutionarily evolve to the point where we are learning to utilize them.

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