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Favorite Quotes from Life in the Universe Essays:

— Really? —

Every term, each student in my Astronomy 115 course (Life in the Universe) was assigned to write an essay giving his or her opinion on the following question:

"Do extraterrestrial technical civilizations currently exist in our Galaxy?"

The most appropriate response to this group of quotes is "Really?" (The typos and misspellings are real, but they are not mine.) The material is presented here without comment; you will have to make up your own.

    Essay Quotes: Really?

  1. I think we might be able to see forms of life with our telescopes like lights or roads.

  2. Other planets could have been seen to have multiple moons, and having multiple moons would only make things more difficult as there would be constant pulling from each moon there giving one side of the planet light for 24 hours and the other darkness for 24 hours.

  3. Infinite research has been done in the past one hundred years to try to find the answer, not just a theory but cold hard truth.

  4. Now I would like to talk about the atmosphere in the Universe.

  5. We've explored and analyzed our solar system and it doesn't seem likely that life could exist right here within our own planetary system, but does an extraterrestrial technical civilization exist in our galaxy?

  6. I think there is definitely life in our galaxy; however to I don't think that it can be classified as a technical civilization.

  7. It is also well established that our planet has eight planets.

  8. Scientists estimate that there may be around 10 billion planets in the solar sytem that could support life.

  9. As a fact we know that our solar system does not have any planets with intelligent living beings or mostly any kind of life forms.

  10. The Earth as a whole has been to many planets in our solar system searching for intelligent life.

  11. Most of animals we share this planet with are insects, microorganisms, and plants, which lead me to believe other planets, would be similar.

  12. Mars has been visited in the past by scientists.

  13. It takes several billion years to form a technical civilization, and I do not think there currently exists any in our galaxy.

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