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Favorite Quotes from Life in the Universe Essays:

— Opinion —

Every term, each student in my Astronomy 115 course (Life in the Universe) was assigned to write an essay giving his or her opinion on the following question:

"Do extraterrestrial technical civilizations currently exist in our Galaxy?"

This group of quotes features opinions . (The typos and misspellings are real, but they are not mine.) The material is presented here without comment; you will have to make up your own.

    Essay Quotes: Opinion

  1. So in my opinion everything is based on our own opinions.

  2. It is the people who make absurd clams such as this that are ruining the economical system of our country and are trying to scrape what little money that America has for the area of searching for extraterrestrial life forms for their own selfish greed.

  3. If I had to make a decision it would defiantly be that we are the only life in this galaxy.

  4. These are just a couple of reasons why I do not believe that there is extraterrestrial existence in our galaxy. There are also some things that have me questioning if there really is extraterrestrial existence in our galaxy.

  5. Due to the uncertainty of the discussion, it is hard to really use facts to support an opinion of theory. I based my opinion on statistics, like the number of UFO's reported annually.

  6. I don't believe there is a right answer or a wrong answer. I believe the key to determining whether or not there is extraterrestrial life is keeping an open mind during the whole process. I think we need to realize that just because earth has life, that doesn't mean that life can't exist in other conditions.

  7. It is human nature to question things and I think everyone should question whether or not we are alone in our galaxy, and until that question is answered we should say that we aren't alone.

  8. Although it makes for a descent science-fiction novel, extraterrestrial life cannot thrive on any planet.

  9. We've visited most of the plants and the others are not in a habitable zone. I believe the only life forms in our Solar System are microbes.

  10. With everything that has been discovered, explored, and discussed, there is still too much assuming going on, but as long as Astrologers more advanced and more informed than me are convinced there is something else in our Galaxy, I am going to assume along with them because it seems easier than to deny all the evidence leading towards the extraterrestrial civilizations.

  11. To me, it seems very irrational to say that only one star (Earth) out of 200 billion houses a technical civilization.

  12. In this paper I will be explaining my opinion on why extraterrestrial civilizations do not exist in our galaxy, and will be backing it up with facts and information that we have discovered in our existence with this topic.

  13. So much of space is still yet to be explored, and it would be naive not to think that is life out there besides us.

  14. I personally think with all the information we have, and all the technology we have, it would be dumb not to believe in intelligent extraterrestrial life in the universe.

  15. Before taking this class, my answer would have been an undaunted yes, but the confidence has dwindled.

  16. I have doubt that there is other technical civilization in the galaxy, but on the other hand I find it ignorant to think we are the only life in such an immense space over such a long time.

  17. I think this because the likelihood of the many factors needed to provide a suitable environment, similar to earths, for a race to live is highly unlikely.

  18. Just wait because one day we will be able to talk to them or they will come down to our planet and who know what will happen then.

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