MIT "Communications technology roadmap: telecommunication > computation > imaging > learning"

Qun (Vincent) Zhang
Ph.D. - EE, University of Virginia (UVa), 2001

M.S. - Solid State Physics, B.S. - Optical Electronics , Shandong University
Communications Research Laboratory @ Work

Courses (All on D2L)

Past Students (may not follow accurate time-order)

         Rebeka Sultana-Hossain (B.S.) (Rebeka is the first undergraduate in my research group), Senior Software Engr at Pratt & Whitney, Greater Hartford Area

         Bushara B. Dosa (B.S.) (Bushara worked with me for his B.S. research on adapative filters/signal processing), NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH

         Md Jamy (B.S.), Product Engineer (MGTS) at Texas Instruments, Arlington, TX

         Duo Xu (B.S.), Hardware Design Engineer at Teradyne, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

         Erik Victor Morness (B.S.), Senior Electrical Design Engineer at Benchmark Electronics, Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area

         Murtaza Hathiwala (B.S.), Senior Site Reliability Engineer at Discover Financial Services, Greater Chicago Area


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