<!-- saved from url=(0042)https://mavdisk.mnsu.edu/hen/index_cp.html --> <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.1//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml11/DTD/xhtml11.dtd"> <HTML xmlns="https://mavdisk.mnsu.edu/hen" xml:lang="en"> <HEAD> <TITLE>Welcome to Nannan He's Webpage</TITLE> <LINK title="1024px style" rel=stylesheet type=text/css href="style.css" media=screen,projection> </HEAD> <BODY> <DIV id=wrap> <DIV id=header><img class="right photo" alt="Minnesota State image" src="images/mnsu5.jpg" width="720" height="180"> <DIV id=sidebar> <P id=slogan><h1>Minnesota</h1></P> <P id=slogan><h1>State</h1></P> <P id=slogan><h1>University</h1></P> <P id=slogan>AT MANKATO</P> </DIV></DIV> <DIV id=content> <P id=toplinks><A href="index.html">Home</A> | <A href="publications.html">Publications</A> | <A href="research.html">Research</A> | <A href="teaching.html">Teaching</A></P> <BR></BR> <H2>Contact Information</H2> <p> <B>Office:</B> TS S 144<br> <B>Phone:</B> +1-507-351-5287<br> <B>Email:</B> <A id=email href="mailto: nannan.he@mnsu.edu">nannan DOT he AT mnsu DOT edu</A><br> <B>Mail:</B> Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology<br> 242 Trafton Science Center N<br> Mankato, MN 56001<br> </p> <H2>Teaching in Spring 2018</H2> <p> <li> <A href="EE106_S.html">Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering I </A> </li> <li> <A href="EET340.html">EET340: Programmable Hardware Technology</A> </li> <li> <A href="EE489_589.html">EE489/EE589: Real-time Embedded Systems </A> </li> </p> <H2>Areas of Interest</H2> <p> <li>Rigorous and cost-efficient development of Cyber-Physical systems </li> <li>Model-based development and testing of embedded software systems </li> <li>Computer-aided formal verification, SAT/SMT based model checking </li> <li>Electronic design automation, system-level hardware design and synthesis </li> <li>Automated reasoning, especially bit-vector theory </li> </p> <H2>Biography</H2> <p> <li> 2017.8-present: Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Minnesota State University at Mankato, Associate Professor </li> <li> 2012.8-2017.7: Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Minnesota State University at Mankato, Assistant Professor </li> <li> 2012.3-2012.7: Advanced Digital Sciences Centre(Singapore), Post-doctoral Fellow </li> <li> 2009.6-2012.2: Dept. of Computer Science, Oxford University(UK), Post-doc Researcher </li> </p> </DIV> <DIV id=sidebar><BR><BR> <p><img class="left photo" alt=" frontpage image" src="images/NannanHe.jpg" width="180" height="200"> <H4>Nannan He</H4> <P> <BR>Associate Professor <A href="lec/Nannan_He_CV_16.pdf">(CV)</A> </BR> <BR> <BR> <B>Education</B> <BR> <BR>Ph.D. Virginia Tech, 09</BR> <BR>M.S. Univ. of Essex, 03</BR> <BR>B.S. Tsinghua Univ., 02</BR> </P> </DIV> <DIV id=footer> <P></P> </DIV> </BODY> </HTML>