Lincoln Rocker Comparison


This page will compare two Lincoln Rockers that I caned & show the differences in technique of a twenty year period.  Look for use of the "X" & improved backs.

The two rockers below are both Lincoln Rockers.  Their detail trim & ornamentation are different, but both beautiful.  The one on the left was recovered from destruction in 2009.  It had many broken pieces to be repaired, wire held the back left rail together.  Gunny sacks on top & bottom became the seat & back.  There were hundreds of nails in the rails holding the gunny sack & cracking the wood.
The rocker on the right was caned by me about twenty years earlier, so about 1989.  This was my first rocker & first rocker back that I caned.

Comparing Lincoln Rockers

In the close up below, notice the "X" on the rails on left & lack of "X" on the older seat at right.  Notice how the lack of "X" allows the last horizontal rows to drift out of alignment.  Also on the left, notice the difference on the back lower rail vs the side rail.  The lack of "X" on the side makes a less appealing side rail.


Compare the backs now.  Also notice the benefits of using the "X".

compairing backs


Old Rocker. Not so clean of backside.  Lots of knots.  But done as well as I knew how at the time.

back of back old

New Rocker.  Much cleaner.  Only a few knots visible.  More organized loops.  I took much more care to have a better looking back.   Used Sandwich method & Hidden knots.

back of back new