Nancy's First Caning Experience

Nancy wrote telling me that she took an adult education class in caning this past fall (2003). The class was 4 - 3 hour classes & each person completed a caning project during that time. Nancy's first caning project completed during the class is this little rocker, I've heard referred to as a sewing rocker.

Nancy's second project was this round seat "Ice Cream" chair or bentwood chair. She was able to remove the seat & then the caning went quite easily. So, next time I'm doing a round seat, I'm going to investigate to take the seat off the legs before trying to cane.  Thanks for the tip, Nancy.

Nancy was also asking about where to find chairs to cane.  As most experienced caners find out, if you tell someone you know how to cane,... there will be plenty of people bringing their chairs to you to cane for them....   :-)

I did reply to Nancy, that we usually find our caning projects at estate sales & auctions. This is probably the best place to get a project at the price YOU want to pay.  Other places to find those caning treasures would be flea markets.  We found our child's rocker at a big city wide flea market after looking for a couple years. Then we also look occasionally at garage/yard sales.

Thanks for sharing your experience, Nancy. You did a good job on your first projects & best of luck finding more caning projects to successfully complete.