Marlous First Chair Caning Project

Sent: Sunday, February 23, 2003 10:23 PM
To: Sharp, Wayne E
Subject: 1st Chair

Well here is my first chair I have ever done.  I have never done this ever, what an experience.  Maybe you can give me some pointers.  I have one more to do. 

I used narrow medium cane.  Thanks again for your web page.   Marlous

Congratulations on the successful completion of your chair. It looks very nice. The only tip I might suggest would be the border corners. I probably would have “pegged” the corners, rather than rounding them. Your chair is more square, so pegging works better & makes rounding more difficult.  But some people don’t like the looks of pegs, so maybe it’s personal preference.

Wayne,  2/24/03
Here is what the second one look like with the first one.  If I would have used a smaller cane would it have gone better?  I thought about the edges but didn't exactly know what to do.  So next time I need to redo the edge I think I will peg it.  I didn't exactly know about the sides of the chair if I should have gone back further with it or not.  If they find more of these chairs I will do them also but so far only the two. 
Anyway I had a ball even if it isn't the greatest job.  My fingers are still sore but I loved it.  The second one only took me two days, the first one took longer.  I also have a granddaughter I am raising and she is 2 1/2 so that didn't help either.  As far as putting them on the website that's up to you.  I know they are full of mistakes.  But I did try.  Thanks again for your website I just loved it.  It was alot of help to me.
These chairs had a seat nailed to them and I only found out that they were weaved after I went to redo their finish.