Don H. from Ontario Canada, provided these instructions on how to finish off a cane chair project.  Step 7.  I will include his writing in with the drawings that he sent.  Thanks, Don, for sharing these techniques.

Don H. wrote on October 22, 2003

Just some sketches on finishing off the Binding (or Beading) in corners. (Step 7).

I use pegs in every other hole. However I do "Couch with #2 cain over binding 2 holes in a row and leave one hole in front where wear takes it's toll.

I like to take Binding/Beading over the pegs in the back corner, so that no peg is showing.

Anyway you have a nice "forum" on your web site for those who wish to cain chairs.

For years I too thought about doing my own caining until I took the "plunge" - got a chair, took the caining out piece by piece, saw the pegs, understood the verticles, horizontals, diagonals etc - got a book and discovered what I was doing was correct.

I now make patterns for chairs that don't have holes, drill the holes and cane - including round chairs!!

Like you, this is a "hobby" at this time. However I've caned 4 chairs for others - here in Ontario. We get $1.50/hole (Canadian) ($.75 US). Some charge more!!  I also refinish the chairs which is even more rewarding.

Other "hobbies" are antique cars (1920 Dodge & 32 Olds), ham radio, collecting stamps - sometimes work gets in the way!!
Don H."


Don sent a picture of a tool that he uses to lift cane:



Don H. sends this picture to help illustrate the "couching" of the "Beading". Another alternative method for Finishing Off, Step 7. I scanned in Don's documents so that everything is exactly as he drew them. 



I like Don's illustration of finishing off the corners. I may try this on my next chair.