Lorne Cline Cradle with Cane Sides

Lorne Cline contacted me by email June 2009, with this Beautiful project that he custom created.  Take a look at his Beautiful work & read his story.  He used the contrasting colors of Black Walnut & Maple woods.  Added in the cane & did his own twist of using leather for the binding.  Here is his story in his words & pictures.
Wonderful work Lorne.  Excellent. 
Thank you for sharing with the caning community.

Sent: Monday, June 15, 2009


Thanks for your webpage on caning instructions. Also, thank you for showing different projects. If you are interested, I have attached a photo of a cradle that I just completed following your instructions. Please feel free to add it to your webpage.

One thing that I do that deviates from your instructions is to use leather lace to finish of the border. I was having too much difficulty with the cane border.

Lorne Cline

The Side Rail Design.


I have attached the rail design here. I cut a channel in the back of the rails and drilled into these. The cane on the inside is inside this channel and I covered this with a ¼” x 1” strip to hide all of the inside work.

This is the first of two that I am making. One is for a grandchild due in August and the one in this picture was given to my wife’s cousin as a shower present for their child due a week earlier. The shower was yesterday. I was pleased to hear that she cried with joy when she saw what I made.

I used Black Walnut for the sides and Maple for the ends and stand. I finished this with 100% Tung Oil since this is non-toxic. The oil created a nice finish even on the back of the natural cane. Since Tung Oil tends to build up layers it fills in the underside of the cane as well.

I used 2.5mm cane but spaced the holes at ¾” instead of 5/8” This turned out to be a mistake since I was originally going to use the daisy and buttons pattern but it didn’t look very good with that spacing. The sides are dimensioned at 15” x 36” overall so I thought that I could cheat by drilling fewer holes with the larger spacing. Even with this cheating the caning took me approximately 20 to 25 hours each side. Maybe I will get faster with practice. I started with the longest dimension for steps 1 and 3 since this minimized the weaving in step 4 to the shortest dimension. The diagonals were easy with the ¾” spacing (this was my second project with cane)

I learned a new trick for the finishing border using the leather lace. I would pull up on the cane to make it tight on the back side and hold this in place with very fine needle nose pliers as I pulled down to loop over the lace. Since one side of these pliers would be on top of the lace it held that in place as well to give me a cleaner finish. I can send you a photo after I start on the second cradle to show you what I mean.

I wanted to use cane since I have read non scientific studies that link SIDS to closed-in cradles and bassinets. I like the look of cane and felt that this gives a lot of ventilation.

The design was loosely based on free plans found on the web which I revised to suit the tools I have available. The overall size was based on typical Cradle mattress dimensions at 18” x 36”. Once I had the length at 36” the height was based on looks. With the length of the side at 36” anything shorter than 15” didn’t look right.

Lorne Cline


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