Chair Caning Picture Album

Here is a pictorial collection of some of my work. I've tried to arrange these in chronological order, according to date completed. (Click on pictures to enlarge)

These are two chairs of my earlier work, assisted by my father-in-law. Now belonging to my daughter.

This is the first caned back rocker that I did, quite a challenge and it turned out beautifully.

A child's rocker that had to be rebuilt, from flat rockers, missing arms & no cane; then refinished & caned.

My first round caned chair.

This round ice cream chair was the MOST difficult. The legs cover the holes, which must go at an angle & fill up quickly, so very difficult to run the cane through the holes.

Youth Chair. I haven't ever seen another like it.

Set of 5 chairs used in building these instructions. The sixth chair was in need of major repair & was completed after this picture was taken.

The whole set: 2 Winged back chairs with pressed leather seats, 6 pressed back chairs with cane seats, & Round oak table on pedestal that opens for 3 additional leaves. Can you find Aries the dog in the picture?  Completed 2001.


Completed Fall 2002, for a softball buddy, during a very miserable time watching losing football team. (large picture no longer available).