Chair Caning Step 3. Second Vertical.

The second vertical cane is run on top of the first vertical cane in step 1 & the horizontal cane in step 2. Again begin in the center back hole, run the cane to the center hole on the front rail. Keep the second cane on top of, & to the right of, the first vertical cane. Follow the first vertical cane through to completion of this step.  When this step is finished you can tie the ends of all the cane under the chair.

Tying off the cane underneath the chair seat.
Start in a nearby cane loop, being careful to never cover a hole when tying off. Loop once or twice under the cane and thread the second loop under the first if possible, to form an overhand knot. Pull the cane gently to tighten, being careful not to break the cane. It may be helpful to soak the bottom cane for a few minutes to regain flexibility, using a moist sponge or damp towel. Trim off excess cane ends, leaving 1/4" end. When you have 2 cane ends to tie from the same hole, try to tie them as one, into the same knot.

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