Chair Caning Step 2. First Side to Side.

Run the cane from upper right corner to upper left corner hole. Take cane down hole & up the next hole working towards the front of the chair. Do not be too concerned about tightness at this step. Future steps will tighten up the cane naturally. Ensure that the cane does not twist or kink.

If your chair has a square seat that would leave no room for horizontal cane at the front & back of the chair, do not use the corner holes. The illustrated chair above has curvature on the back rail that allows cane to be run in the back corner hole. Notice the shorter runs on the side rails also have horizontal cane that starts a fisheye.  If the front rail is very curved, it may be necessary to use a short cane here also, as illustrated in the finished chair below with short runs on both sides & front rail. Again, run the cane for the best visual lines.

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