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Gale Allen

Office: Trafton Science Center, S148

Phone: (507) 389-5760

Fax: (507-389-6280 


Fall 2017 Courses

EET461 EE476W EE303 EE304












Courses Taught

EE 230 EE244/253 EE303/304 EE336 EE337 EE467 EE477 EE613 EE615 EE498/Elec Design Tools EE498Automation

EET 114 EET125 EET310

EET 222/223 LPteam SNteam

EET 315

EET 456 s05teams s06teams s07teams S08teams S09teams

NSPteam TLEteam SRKteam RDteam JJteam MLJteam

Lab Stations RF LabVIEW

EET 486 SDR test

EET 461 EET 462

ClassA ClassB Station

XY-axis AC-DC I/O box Modules Panel

Carwash Elevator CarwashClip


EE 613 EE 615

Automation Short Course IA1 IA2

Electrical Power and Control Systems Module for

Sustainable and Energy Efficient Buildings Certificate