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Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics Comprehensive Exam  

There are two exams every year. They are usually given on Wednesday of 1th week of the semester.  Fall Exam: August. Spring Exam: January.


Fall 2022 Comprehensive Exam: @WH285, 9:00am-12:00pm on August 24, 2022.


The comprehensive exam request and report form must be submitted before taking the exam.


The Comprehensive Exam Descriptions and the Guidelines for Comp Exams Note: As a newer edition textbook is used for Stat555& Stat556, Stat555 will cover Ch1-3 and Ch5 and Stat556 will cover Ch4 and Ch6-8.

Linear Algebra Outline-Updated Fall 2015


Regression Analysis Syllabus


Real Analysis Outline-Updated Spring 2013


Old Comprehensive Exams (Please see my public folder located on the Mavdisk).

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