Danielson's Framework

Domain 1
Domain 2
Domain 3
Domain 4
Charlotte Danielson's Components of Professional Practice

These domains and components will be identified by a number and letter identifier in my course artifacts links.  For example, 3E would be interpreted as Domain 3 and Component E.  This would indicate the course artifact covers Domain 3 (Instruction) and Component E (Demonstrate flexibility and responsiveness). Please use the links to the left to view my course artifacts under each Domain.

Domain 1: Planning and Preparation                              

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of content and pedagogy
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of students
  3. Select instructional goals
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of resources
  5. Design coherent instruction
  6. Assessing student Learning

Domain 2: The Classroom Environment

  1. Create an environment of respect and rapport
  2. Establish a culture for learning
  3. Manage classroom procedures
  4. Manage student behavior
  5. Organize physical space

Domain 3: Instruction

  1. Communicate clearly and accurately
  2. Use questioning and discussion techniques
  3. Engage students in learning
  4. Provide feedback to students
  5. Demonstrate flexibility and responsiveness

Domain 4: Professional Responsibilities

  1. Reflect on teaching
  2. Maintain accurate records
  3. Communicate with families
  4. Contribute to the school and district
  5. Grow and develop professionally
  6. Show professionalism




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