Cyrus Azarbod, Ph.D.

Information Systems and technology
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Minnesota State University at Mankato


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 Minnesota State University, Mankato

     it 380    - System Analysis & Design (current semester)
     it 4/544 -
Data Warehousing and Mining
(current semester)
     it 641    -
Distributed Database Systems  (current semester)
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Academic Honesty

Current Research Interests
                Fuzzy Active Databases, Active databases, Object Oriented Databases, Database Administration, Intelligent Databases,
                Interoperability between Heterogeneous Databases, Internet Databases, Data Warehouse, extending relational database
                with fuzzy logic
and Data Mining

Teaching philosophy
Research and Professional Philosophy
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Research Graduate Students

CIS Research Group
Database Research Group


During academic year 2006-2007
Dr. Azarbod spent one year sabbatical as Visiting Professor at

Computer Information Sciences
College of Engineering
American University of Armenia (AUA)
Yerevan Republic of Armenia

For more information regarding his teaching, research at AUA <click here> and
about Armenia <click here>

Employment Opportunities in IT/CS
Employment in IT field
Job opportunities for CIS are very good


Cyrus Azarbod, “Oracle 9i Database Developer Guide”.  Paragon Graphics,  Dallas Texas, ISBN pending, to be released by 2009

Cyrus Azarbod, “Rapid Application Development in AS400 with Synon”.  Paragon Graphics, Dallas, Texas, 1998


Cyrus Azarbod, Muhammad Rizwan
A Methodology for Design, Development, and Implementation of  Data Warehouse Project for University Upper Level Course using Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services”, MICS 2008 Midwest Instruction and Computing Symposium, UW - La Crosse, WI, April 11-12, 2008.

Cyrus Azarbod, Cindy Thompson, A Fuzzy Active Relational Database for Employee Performance Evaluation ”, SEDE - 2007 International Conference on Software Engineering and Data Engineering, Las Vegas, Nevada, July 9-11,  2007.

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Cyrus Azarbod, William Perrizo, “Application of Machine Learning in  Multidatabase Schema Integration”, International Journal of Microcomputer Applications, 1994, pages 28-39.

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William Perrizo, Cyrus Azarbod, “Multi-Campus Multimedia courses (E=m2c),” at the AAIM’s second Annual Conference in Multimedia in Education and Industry, Savannah, Georgia, July 29-31, 1993, page 144.

Cyrus Azarbod, Hossein Hakimzadeh, William Perrizo,  “Object Oriented Software Engineering Using Semantic Data Modeling”, 26th Annual Small College Computing Symposium, University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, Iowa, April 16-17, 1993, pages 297-306.

Cyrus Azarbod, William Perrizo,  “Application of Machine Learning in Multi-Database Schema Integration,” ISCA (International Society for Computer Applications) International Conference on Computer Applications in Design, Simulation, and Analysis, Washington, DC, March 10-12, 1993, pages 115-118.

Cyrus Azarbod, “Role of Semantic Data Modeling and Data Visualization in Neural Network Application”, Proceedings of the International Society for Mini and Micro Computers Conference on Computer Applications in Design, Simulation and Analysis in Orlando, Florida, 1992, pages 184-198.

Hossein Hakimzadeh, Cyrus Azarbod, “Cross Link: A Multilingual Document Professor”, Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Symbolic and Logical Computing at South Dakota State University in Madison, 1989, pages 247-270.


Cyrus Azarbod, James Slack, Christophe Veltsos, Mahbubu Syedr $15,000.00, “Development and Implementation
            of an On-Line Graduate Certificate program in Database Technologies” Minnesota State University at
            Mankato April 2004
Cyrus Azarbod, $23,883.35, “Oracle 11i ERP software, 5 licenses”, Coughlan Companies at Mankato Minnesota,
            November 2001
Cyrus Azarbod, $31,536 , “Methodology for Integrating Heterogeneous Legacy Systems with Oracle 11i
            Enterprise Resource Planning”, Coughlan Companies at Mankato Minnesota, from December 2000
            through December 2001
Cyrus Azarbod, $2000, “Oracle Research Group”, Coughlan Companies at Mankato Minnesota, from December
            1999  through December 2001
James Slack, Cyrus Azarbod, Richard Christensen, and David Haglin $179,690, “NSF-ILI Client Server Laboratory”,
            National Science Foundation, 1995
Cyrus Azarbod and William Perrizo, $98,970, “Use of Multimedia Technology in Multi-campus
            (Universities and Industries) Class Offerings”, IBM Corporation, at Rochester Minnesota, from
            December 1993 to December 1994.
Cyrus Azarbod, Recipient of a $1,000 faculty merit award for outstanding contributions to the university community
            from Minnesota State University, 1990
Cyrus Azarbod and Lee Cornell, $5,000, “Extension of Multimedia Databases and Satellite Image Detections”,
            Mankato State University Academic Research Funds, for academic year 1990-1991
Cyrus Azarbod, Recipient of Russell R. Myers Award for outstanding and superior performance from the
            University of Oklahoma, 1984


Current Graduate Advisees at MSU
Rakesh Distributed query Processing in Heterogeneous Distributed Databases

Graduate Advisees at AUA (American University of Armenia)
Saro Deravanesian, "Automatic extension of Relational Database to Incorporate Fuzzy Logic ", 2007
Annie Hovian, "
Extending Fuzzy Active Relational Database to Automatically Incorporate Data Clustering Derived from Statistical Analysis", 2008
Arpine Soghoyan, "A Methodology using Data Warehousing/OLAP to Analyze Fuzzy Active Databases ", 2007
Rubina Danilova, "Bioinformatics databases and tools (introduction course for computer scientists)",  2007
Gayane Sedrakyan, "Database-driven Online Learning & Assessment System", 2008
Tatevik Gyurjyan  , "Research & Practicum Activities of CIS Department at AUA,  2007

Graduate Advisees at SEUA (State Engineering University of Armenia)

Past Graduate Advisees
Graduate Advisees Research (Thesis)
Anvitha Johri, "Methodology for Solving Missing Data Problem", 1998
Indumathi Rajagopalan, "SDM as a Generic Platform for the
            Conceptual Representation of Heterogeneous Databases with
            Emphasis on the Object Oriented Database", 1996
Mohammad Khan, "Determination of Association Among Attributes,
            Entities, and Relationships in Multi-database Systems", 1995
Anurag Kanwar "Intelligent Semantic Query Processing Using
            Graphical/Window Based User Interface", 1992

Graduate Advisees Research (Alternate Plan Paper)
Mohammad,  Farooq Methodology for developing and teaching data warehousing using Microsoft Analysis services ”,  2006
Huang, Shu-Jen,Embedded database programming with JAVA”,  2006
Moosa,Software Engineering”,  2006
Nuthakki Kalyan Chakrawarthy, “Heterogeneous Distributed Query
           Processing with XML”, 2005
Jake Roerig, “Methodology for Distributed Database Design in Homogeneous
        Database Environment”, 2005
Samundeeswari Radhakrishnan, “Database Driven Content Management for
    E-Learning Application Using Zeota”, 2003
Syed Farooq Ali, “Active Database Development with SQL Server 2000”,  2003
Ferozshaw Ogra, “Rapid Application Development with .NET Technology”,  2003
Shakil Hossain, “Methodology for Rapid Application Development
            With Visual Studio.NET” 2002
Mohamed Sharif, “Enterprise e-Business Application Development
            Using COOLPLEX”, 2000
Tej Teckechari, “Database Administration with Oracle 8i”, 1999
Hanan Sallam, “Fuzzy Logic: Theory and Application”, 1998
Sanjay Kaparalmy, “Data Warehousing and Loading”, 1998
Latha Nair, “Data Warehouse Technology”, 1998
Subhash Kathuru, “Security Protocols for the Internet”, 1997
Muralidhar Narahari, “Object Oriented Case Tool – Obsydian”, 1997
Vinitha Kolel Veetil, “Methodology for Developing Obsydian Applications”, 1996
Anbarasi Arulmani, “Database Security and Metering in Novell
        Client/Server Environment”, 1996
Yu Chen, “Integration of Heterogeneous Distributed Schema into a
            Federated Schema”, 1995
 Javid Fattahi, “Study of Conversion from C to C++”, 1995
Srinivasan Padmanabhan, “Application Development Using Action
            Diagramming in Synon”, 1994
Srikanth Narayanan, “An Effective Methodology for Training and Use
            of 4GL CASE Technology, with Emphasis on Synon”, 1992


Presented 4 seminars In AUA

9/6/06 ”Brief Discussion of Data Modeling and Standard SQL”
9/8/06 ”An Introduction to Oracle and Built –In Functions”
9/11/06 ”Overview Analysis of Oracle’s Advanced Functions”
9/13/06 ”Brief Discussion of Stored Procedures and User Defined Functions Using Oracle PL/SQL”