The grant program is administered according to the following guidelines:

  1. -Awardees and their mentors are to be members of AMCOP. (Dues are inexpensive: $10 for students, $20 for professionals.)

  2. -Awardees are required to present results of the funded research at a future AMCOP.

  3. -A student may not receive more than two grants

  4. -Three awards, for a total of $1000 are available.  Two grants will be awarded to undergraduate students, and one grant to a graduate student (M.S. or Ph.D.).  There will be two grants of $250, and one of $500, and either amount is open to both undergraduate and graduate students.  The AMCOP Student Research Grant Committee reserves the right to award the grants to any combination of undergraduate and graduate students, depending on the quality of proposals received.

  5. -Grants must be used to support field or laboratory research related expenses (equipment, supplies, or travel to field sites).  Salaries, travel to meetings, and purchase of books will not be supported. 

The deadline for receipt of all application materials is midnight, May 5th, 2017. Application forms are available through the link below and instructions for their submission are included within.You may contact Dr. Jeff Laursen with questions about this program.

  1. Student Research Grant Form

The AMCOP Student Grants Program was initiated at AMCOP 63 in 2011. At that meeting the membership decided to establish a mini-grant program, run it for 3 years and then evaluate it for its effectiveness. A committee was established to lay out the ground rules of the program and the committee's members stayed on to evaluate the first two rounds of proposals. The committee Chair issues a call for proposals in the spring that will be publicized via email, the AMCOP website, and through the American Society of Parasitologists. Awards are announced at the next AMCOP.

The AMCOP Student Research Grants Program

Previous Grant Recipients

2016 Awards

  1. -David Cordie, Lawrence University, Undergraduate, $250.

  2. -Heather Stigge, Oklahoma State University, Graduate, $500.

  3. -Elizabeth Warburton, Western Michigan University, Graduate, $250.

2015 Awards

  1. -Ashley Huette, Western Illinois University, Undergraduate, $250

  2. -Alma Mendoza, Northeastern Illinois University, Undergraduate, $250

  3. -Lauren Maestas, University of South Dakota, Graduate, $500.

2014 Awards

  1. -Shane Mason, Western Illinois University, Undergraduate, $500

  2. -Olivia Choi, Northeastern Illinois University, Graduate, $500.

2013 Awards

  1. -Sarah Sinclair, Wilmington College, Undergraduate, $500.

  2. -Elliott Zieman, Southern Illinois University, Graduate, $500.

Annual Midwestern Conference of Parasitologists

For more information about AMCOP or to contact us about this webpage, please email

Dr. Robert Sorensen, AMCOP Secretary/Treasurer.